travel television

Episode 185

The start of the fall season brings new opportunities to volunteer. Several organizations commemorate September 11 as a day of service. Students returning to school start volunteer projects and groups in missions begin to plan their year's work. TravelTelevision encourages volunteerism through these stories.

Make a difference day
911 day of service
911 service nation project with Michelle Obama
Interview with Mark Shriver

About TravelTelevision

Traveltelevision is a unique TV program and website focusing on travel for a purpose programming. Volunteers from around the corner and across the globe are highlighted in monthly episodes with stories about volunteer experiences. is a magazine-format series that covers the travel marketplace with news about special events, travel tips, and information. We interview travel writers, personalities, and other professionals who share their expertise and experience. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy create an urgent and ongoing need for volunteers.
TravelTelevision is dedicated to volunteer travel, and in the coming months will feature stories from Jersey Shore Volunteers.