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October 7, 2014

Hurricane Sandy Volunteers on Video

Volunteering, traveling for a purpose, using social media tools, and competing in teams are all components of a new social consciousness—helping bring people home after the ravages of Hurricane Sandy.

Jersey Shore communities are in need of volunteers to continue to rebuild, repair and get involved, either online, on social media, from afar, or onsite.

It has been two years since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Eastern Shore of the United States. Since that time thousands of families have yet to restore their houses and move home. A unique partnership was formed in Monmouth County to advance these efforts. A temporary lodging facility for volunteers, part of the Monmouth County Long-Term Recovery Group, will provide the housings at Camp Evans, and MCLTRG will identify and assist New Jersey homeowners in rebuilding and achieving their new normal. Camp Evans in Wall Township, New Jersey, will provide overnight housing for 150 volunteers. MCLTRG is working with community nonprofit organizations to identify and deliver volunteers whose assistance will bridge the gaps and shortfalls in resources after grants and insurance have been exhausted. TravelTelevision has begun a partnership with to bring volunteers to the facility and provide media training, skills and support.

Since November 2012, TravelTelevision has been recording and sharing stories of MCLTRG and other volunteer groups, to raise awareness and highlight Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, including a recent segment featuring Rev. Terry Troia from the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Coalition who points out the significant work that still needs to be done.

The theme of TravelTelevision segments is “Travel For A Purpose,” the foundation of Humanity TV, a Maryland-based 501(c)(3) corporation encouraging volunteerism around the globe. Humanity TV connects volunteers with non-profits, corporations, and local, state, and federal governments by highlighting volunteer stories such as those working on Hurricane Sandy efforts. Segments showcasing volunteer support, camaraderie and success form monthly episodes that stream on the web and local TV stations across the country.

For additional information on becoming a Jersey Shore volunteer please contact us at: or call Steve Friedman @ 301.294.2211