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Episode 230

Teaching Young People how to effectively use Media.
The Gandhi Brigade is about to open its new facility at the Silver Spring Library.
TravelTelevision interviews Evan Glass the executive director.

Episode 229

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 15 'Life on Land' plus stories about saving the earth.
An interview with county executive Ike Leggett on repurposing urban centers.
The Great Los Angeles River cleanup.
These stories on TravelTelevision episode 229

Episode 228

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 14 'Life Under Water' stories of how to help in this month episode of Traveltelevision

Episode 227

This month TravelTelevision highlights United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 13 'Climate Action' and how it is Changing Our Lives

The concerns about our climate is one way to leverage our existence with stories on SDG 13 Climate stories from NASA.
An interview with the new CEO of CNCS.
TravelTelevision highlights Nechama Jewish disaster group and Mark Murphy visits Britain

Episode 226

The Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service is exploredon the latest episode of TravelTelevision.
The program opens with an interview with Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, and replay visits to the Seneca Creek Community and Bethesda Marriott during past Days of Service. Viewers will also see stories about other ways to serve

Episode 225

The Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service is exploredon the latest episode of TravelTelevision.
The program opens with an interview with Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, and replay visits to the Seneca Creek Community and Bethesda Marriott during past Days of Service. Viewers will also see stories about other ways to serve

Episode 224

sustainable consumption and promoting resources and energy efficiency on traveltelevision224

Episode 223

Ending hunger and malnutrition is an achievable development goal. What are the best practices and options? Explore this month on TravelTelevision Episode 223

Episode 222

In this episode we mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and present storieswe have produced about volunteers.

Episode 221

America's spirit of volunteerism grew stronger after the attacks of September 11.
Stories from President George W. Bush's chief of volunteer efforts, John Bridgeland
9/11 Day of Service volunteer efforts

Episode 220

We look back at the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, with stories of volunteers.
An interview with Bruce Adams, director of community partnerships in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Episode 219

Freedom and service

Operation BBQRelief the group that has fed volunteers around the country
Hurricane Sandy volunteering
Miracle in New Orleans
Interview with Patricia Schultz author of 1000 Places to See Before You Die
The US Coast Guard's 226 years of service
House With A Heart senior animal sanctuary
Service year and AmeriCorps spots

Episode 218

Quality education SDG 4
SDG 4 explained -world merit
youth for global goal
World's largest lesson global goals

Quality education for the world foundation for well-being
Seeds of recovery St. Joseph's alternative spring break to Joplin Missouri
Mark Murphy in Kraków Poland

Episode 217

Clean and affordable energy SDG 8
We The People for global goals
John Bridgeland talks about the Service Year Alliance
Mark Murphy visits the Schindler Museum
Sustainable energy goal stories in Papua, New Guinea

Episode 216

Volunteers with Nechama in Baton Rouge
SDG 8-Decent Work and Economic Health
Service Year Alliance interview with John Bridgeland
Mark Shriver on volunteering
Mark Murphy visits Krakow

Episode 215

Service in America and how Presidents have changed volunteering. Traveltelevision speaks with John Bridgeland, CEO of Civic Works

SDG 1 No Poverty

Episode 214

Empowering women-powering humanity-UN

UNSDG5 explained- World merit

Colombian women play a central role in peace process-UN

AmeriCorps Vista connecting coal miners to new jobs-CNCS

Alternative spring break St. Joseph's college New York

Sustainable development goals improve life all around the globe Service is no age

Episode 213

The Building Bridges Coalition's 10th anniversary meeting

Transitioning from the millennial goals to the sustainable development goals.

Interview with John Bridgeland on the future of volunteering in the next administration.

Martin Luther King day of service.

SDG nine explained.

Mark Murphy visits the Schindler Museum

Episode 212

Intro to sustainable development goals (SDG)

Global goals a look at SDG six explained

1 million Americans in global service--a panel from the June 2016 convention on the 10th anniversary of the building bridges coalition

Mark Murphy travels to Cuba

UN international volunteers day

A volunteer celebrating Purple Heart veterans in Branson, Missouri

Episode 211

International volunteer service and 2030 development agenda panel at Brookings convened by BBC

A new PSA from CCFA.

The trailer for the upcoming Harris Wofford documentary.

A tribute to the late Stephen Bollenbach, a travel innovator from our interview in 2000

Episode 210

Interview with Congressman Chris van Hollen about service in US and around the globe. The congressman reflects on six terms in the house of representatives.

Episode 209

Volunteers serving of 1 million hot meals to volunteers and disaster survivors. Operation BBQ Relief deployed to Baton Rouge,

Building Bridges Coalition celebrated its 10th anniversary symposium,

TravelTelevision interviews Matt Clausen former chairperson. National and international service in the next administration is the topic of a panel moderated by John Bridgeland at Brookings

911 Day of Service spots

Volunteers and the Clinton Global Initiative

Episode 208

A profile of leadership of the volunteer movement with Harris Wofford.

General Stanley McChrystal speaks at the Brookings institute to the 10th anniversary for the Building Bridges Coalition.

A discussion on volunteer impact for sustainable development goals.

Special Episode

In the aftermath of the Freddy Gray prosecution cases Baltimore remains in the shadows of despair and the riots seen on television around the globe. #Reasonsforhope was launched to focus the nation on a path toward our ideals of dignity, equality and justice. TravelTelevision presents a story of the history of philanthropy and opportunities to get involved in volunteerism in Baltimore.

#reasonsforhope #traveltelevision

Episode 207

A salute to the hundredth anniversary of the Park service and opportunities to volunteer in these stories from earlier episodes of Travel Television Stories from volunteers rebuilding from hurricane Sandy Documentary Katrina: the untold story.

Episode 206

TravelTelevision reached over 100 episodes during the New Jersey Shore volunteer challenge. This month we present some of our favorite stories produced over the last eight years. An interview with Kathleen Johnson, an Australian who came to Waveland, Mississippi to help out after Hurricane Katrina. We will visit the opening of the Library of Congress Visitor Center. The school rebuild of a Baptist church roof in New Orleans and a profile of Camp Hope, the overnight facility for visitors working to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.

Episode 205

On TravelTelevision Episode 205

1. Baltimore, Maryland has a long philanthropic history. Today, Baltimore engages volunteers to battle food insecurity.
2. This year's Great LA River Clean Up included 150 community groups and thousands of volunteers who removed 70 tons of debris from the LA River.
3. Senator Harris Wofford talks about baby boomer volunteers opportunities with host Kari Keenan.
4. Red Wiggler Farms provides a chance for students to volunteer. This one minute spot produced by Richard Montgomery High School's Avery Hunt.
5. Mark Murphy Travel visits a tribe in South America.
6. Animal Rescue in Carolina.

Episode 204

The volunteers tell their stories of volunteering for hurricane Sandy oceanport, behrend builders, staten island recovery, jersey shore volunteers Nechama, Presbyterians and Mennonite volunteers share their experiences in this episode of Travel Television

You can share your stories and watch volunteer stories at http://www.TravelTelevision.org or the YouTube Jersey Shore volunteer channel

Episode 203

The volunteers tell their stories of volunteering for hurricane Sandy oceanport, behrend builders, staten island recovery, jersey shore volunteers Nechama, Presbyterians and Mennonite volunteers share their experiences in this episode of Travel Television

You can share your stories and watch volunteer stories at http://www.TravelTelevision.org or the YouTube Jersey Shore volunteer channel

Episode 201

Volunteers from Washington DC and New Jersey combined their efforts and talents as they worked to rebuild the Jersey Shore. Behrend Builders and Kleanup Krewe worked at the Jersey Shore with the St. Bernard Project. The first ladies of Camp Evans, Doctors of the World, Volunteers Have No Age, and Seer's Farms are all videos from Hurricane Sandy rebuilding that appear in this episode of Travel Television

You can share your stories and watch volunteer stories at http://www.TravelTelevision.org or the YouTube Jersey Shore volunteer channel

Episode 200

TravelTelevision presents stories of Jersey Shore volunteers who are helping to restore houses and bringing families back to their homes on the shore. St. Joseph College of New York students tell their stories and share with our audience about the ongoing needs and how you can help. During their week of volunteer labor the Spring of 2015 they worked on homes affected by Hurricane Sandy in Monmouth County. Thousands of families are still without their home with many paying both mortgages and rentals for homes that they cannot repair without the help of strangers.

Traveltelevision caught up with volunteers to share their stories to encourage others to become involved. They want others to help those families get home if not by these holidays then surely by next year. Volunteering is the best way to help those affected by the storms. You can share your stories and watch volunteer stories at http://www.TravelTelevision.org or the YouTube Jersey Shore volunteer channel

Episode 199

October 29, 2012 Hurricane Sandy destroyed the eastern seaboard creating $60 billion worth of damage. Three years later the monies collected have all been spent and still thousands of homeowners who have not been returned to their houses. Volunteers are the main force moving forward to accomplish this task. In the past year Traveltelevision highlighted the efforts of volunteers through our Jersey Shore Volunteer Challenge Project.

We wish to thank all of our volunteers as well as the many volunteers across the country who have come together to share their stories and to help bring closure to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The volunteer stories of their efforts can be seen in this month episode of TravelTelevison http://www.traveltelevision.org

The Jersey Shore Volunteer Challenge was an experiment with the use of social media to encourage increased volunteerism. Our thanks to the groups and individual participants of this project.

Please take a moment to look at our video and share with your friends to encourage others to help the thousands who still remain homeless and who are in need of volunteer support to take them home from the Hurricane Sandy disruption.

Episode 198

Hurricane Joaquin is a subject of every media platform, That is today's story, yet thousands of people remain homeless three years after Hurricane Sandy pounded the East Coast of the US. TravelTelevision has been chronicling the efforts of volunteers and how they make a difference Hurricane Katrina. Earlier this year we launched Jersey Shore Volunteers as a way to tell stories and raise awareness www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com As we watch stories of this new dramatic force of nature let us turn our attention back to those thousands who are still not home and how each of us can play a critical role by becoming a storyteller and a volunteer to help those families still reeling from Hurricane Sandy. You can make a difference today!

Episode 197

Hurricane Katrina 10th Anniversary stories of the volunteers.

Episode 196

Stories of volunteering at the Jersey Shore for Hurricane Sandy recovery on Traveltelevision 196
Full details are available at www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com

Please join us and follow Jersey Shore Volunteers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as we continue our efforts to rebuild the shore!

Episode 195

On this episode of the Jersey Shore Volunteer Challenge, we visit with two homeowners impacted by Hurricane Sandy. David Goodman from the Northern New Jersey Jewish Federation's Klene Up Krew worked with Behrend Builders from the DC JCC to work on a home with the St. Bernard Project.
Full details are available at www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com

Please join us and follow Jersey Shore Volunteers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as we continue our efforts to rebuild the shore!

Episode 194

Jersey Shore Volunteer stories from volunteers, homeowners and students.
Full details are available at www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com

Please join us and follow Jersey Shore Volunteers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as we continue our efforts to rebuild the shore!

Episode 193

The Jersey Shore Volunteer challenge gets underway with a story from a volunteer with The Brethren Ministry.
TravelTelevision listens in on the saga of survival and rebuilding.
A family's ordeal is profiled in a video provided by flash.org
As we approach the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, TravelTelevision spoke with Tab Benoit, musician, artist, and founder of the Voice of The Wetlands. You can participate in this effort to create awareness, there are thousands of families still not back in their homes following the destruction.
Hurricane Sandy victims are waiting over 2 1/2 years since the storm; TravelTelevision, a nonprofit in Maryland is spearheading these trips to the Jersey Shore and the volunteer efforts. You can be a part of the TV series while volunteering, traveling for a purpose, using socialmedia to gain awareness, and competing in teams to get the word out to provide assistance. Full details are available at www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com

Please join us and follow Jersey Shore Volunteers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as we continue our efforts to rebuild the shore!

Episode 192

Two and a half years after hurricane sandy devastated the Jersey Shore thousands of residents remain homeless and need your hands on help. Won't you come for one weekend to get a family home? We have arranged all the logistics. You will ride in a van with fellow volunteers and stay in the newly refurbished Army facility, Camp Evans in Wall, NJ. We supply food, lodging, transportation and you supply the muscle and helping hands. Returning volunteers report that the experience helps them as much as it does the sandy victims. Do something good for you and your fellow man. This episodes tells the story of Camp Evans, the new cornerstone of the Jersey Shore recovery efforts.
Contact jerseyshorevolunteers@gmail.com for more info, or check out our website, http://www.jerseyshorevolunteers.com

Episode 191

Volunteer rebuilding on the Jersey Shore have been hampered by lack of housing space for volunteers.
Camp Evans fills that gap.
The Jenkins family returned home with help from MCLTRG and talk about their experience.
The rebuilding of the church in the Rockaways destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
Princeton TV's production of Life After Sandy provides a close up of several Jersey residents.
Mark Murphy takes us on a tour of a flower market in Ecuador.
This is the fiftieth anniversary of VISTA.

Episode 190

A story of homecoming for a Hurricane Sandy survivor.
TravelTelevision features highlights from our 2014 stories.
Mark Murphy travels to the Ecuadorian Rain Forest.
Field trip a website reference.

Episode 189

New York Says Thank You Foundation and the Jewish Disaster Response Corps rebuild the One Day Ranch, destroyed by a tornado.
The first ladies of Camp Evans discus volunteering in New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy relief.
Volunteers with Samaritans Purse rebuild in Long Island.
Mark Murphy takes us to the rainforest.
Track your health records with ITriage on WebTips.
Volunteering in the United Kingdom with the National Trust.
The Army Corps of Engineers helped by volunteers.

Episode 188

Hope for Life in Sierra Leone, Ebola victims hope for a better and healthy life in Sierra Leone.
Volunteers of Animal Rescue Corps raiding a puppy mill.
Eric Nedelkoff, Executive Director of MCLTRG.org.
Mark Murphy tours Quito, Equador.
On WebTips find a resource for free international volunteer opportunities.
The Smart Traveler enrollment program keeps you updated when traveling overseas.
Andy Ellis Jr. from the State Department shares the 411 on this program. To stay informed visit travel.state.gov
Coats for Iraqui refugees through Samaratin's Purse.

Episode 187

AmeriCorps turns 20. We celebrate with a piece produced by AmeriCorps.
Hurricane Sandy volunteers on Long Island from Floris United Methodist Church in Virginia.
Robert Ottenhoff, the CEO of Center for Disaster Philanthropy discusses the Playbook, a plan for Disaster Preparedness.
On Mark Murphy Travels; we visit the home of Port wine.
National Service Works for America produced this story on its Hurricane Sandy efforts.
An interview with Maureen Mulligan President, MCLTRG regarding the new temporary housing facility at Camp Evans.
Youth Share Thanksgiving Meals

Episode 186

It's been 2 years since Hurricane Sandy swept through the Eastern Shore of the United States leaving devastation in its path and flooding many people out of their homes. During the ensuing 2 years many thousands came to help. TravelTelevision has told the stories of some of these volunteers. Our hope is to re-energize and mobilize additional volunteers in the next 2 years, as the region still needs help. We present stories from the Monmouth Long Term Recovery, Nechama, and faith-based groups working in the Rockaways. Volunteers are active in both NY and NJ we highlight Brooklyn Community Services, Staten Island Project Hope, and Jersey Cares.

Episode 185

The start of the fall season brings new opportunities to volunteer. Several organizations commemorate September 11 as a day of service. Students returning to school start volunteer projects and groups in missions begin to plan their year's work. TravelTelevision encourages volunteerism through these stories.

Make a difference day
911 day of service
911 service nation project with Michelle Obama
Interview with Mark Shriver

Episode 184

History offers a rich opportunity for volunteers. The 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 are two examples of historical reenactments that allow volunteers to work together for a greater good.

Recreation of the Star Spangled Banner
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service
Button Farm

Episode 183

Like many people across the nation, summer is a time for relaxation and vacations. Individuals and groups have begun to appreciate the fact that volunteering and vacations can go together, enhancing everyone's experience.

Clinton Global Initiative
Global Volunteers
Points of Light
Don Wildman Interview
Sandals Pack for a Purpose
Good Deeds Day

Episode 182

Volunteers help open a new chapter of history at the Button Farm.

We feature the volunteers working at the annual Point of Light conference in Washington DC.

Mennonites help restore homes in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy.

Learn about truetravellers.org site to get off the paved road and go native.

Mark Murphy visits the Enoteca Winery.

Raising the nation's IQ is the goal of the St. Lucia project.

Episode 181

Choice Hotel employees help at a women's emergency shelter run by Interfaith Works in Montgomery County. Together we Build, Choice Hotels is partnering with Rebuilding Together in a joint effort with Interfaith Works.

A profile of a man taking on the role of Secret Santa in Brooklyn,

Don Wildman host of Mysteries at the Museum talks about the Quaker tradition.

On WebTips, a website with an extensive database of volunteer opportunities in Latin America volunteer is next.

Mark Murphy takes us on a visit to Salamanca, Spain

Martin Luther King Day is no longer day off but a day filled with service. Travel Television visited the Montgomery county MLK Day of Service efforts and spoke with the County Executive Ike Legett & Congressman John Delaney from Maryland's sixth district.

We asked attendees at the Washington Travel Show what their ideal volunteer vacation would be.

Tourism Cares is a travel industry group devoted to giving back to the communities. In this story they'll working at Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Brooklyn and Long Island.

A leader in the Asian community and the producer of a monthly TV show where East meets West discusses engaging Asian American volunteers.

Episode 180

Volunteers at the Seneca Community Church for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service www.mlkday.gov

Around the globe quilters travel to put a stitch in the 200th anniversary Star-Spangled Banner flag.

Travel television interviews Mysteries of the Museum host Don Wildman

Staten Island director of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Coalition, Rev. Terry Troia, tells us about the work that still needs to be done

April is Earth Day the time for volunteers to work on green volunteer projects Host Kari Keenan leads a group of ICF employees

On webtips you can phone home for free with the app Viber

Follow Mark Murphy travels on a visit to Lisbon Portugal

A homeowner and a volunteer in Monmouth County New Jersey tell the stories of volunteering after Hurricane Sandy. mcltrg.org

Episode 179

Volunteers helping the tiniest victims of Hurricane Sandy. weareBCS.org

War of 1812 recreation is a family affair.

Traveltelevision interviews a pioneer in the field of volunteering Bruce Adams Director of the Office of Partnerships, Montgomery County Maryland.

Mark Murphy visits a market in Vietnam.

Volunteering with a focus on cuisine goeatgive.org

American servicemen volunteering to make firebricks in Afghanistan.

A New Jersey teacher recovers from Hurricane Sandy with the help of volunteers from near and far mcltrg.org

Episode 178

Across the globe volunteers ARE participating for Good Deeds Day. Traveltelevision interviews the founder Shari Arison www.gooddeedsday.org

WebTips focuses on a car rental saving site for your travels.

A church helps the helpers repair their homes from the devastation of hurricane Sandy in New Jersey http://mcltrg.org

Helping schools in the Caribbean with the Sandals Foundation www.sandalsfoundation.org

Reenactors of the War of 1812 on this episode.

Traveltelevision interviews Mark Shriver about Save the Children.

Mark Murphy travels to Cai Be in Vietnam.

Episode 177

The MLK Jr. Day of Service is not a day off, but a day on in this story from TravelTelevision See www.mlkday.gov

Nechama volunteers travel to Long Island to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Congressman Rick Nolan introduces a resolution recognizing international volunteers.

WebTips feature a clever site to save on auto rentals.

Mark Murphy travels through the jungles of Vietnam.

Volunteer activities taking place on Make a Difference day in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Episode 176

Americorps volunteers are in NJ for working on hurricane Sandy relief www.jerseycares.org

An interview with Mark Shriver whose book "A Good Man" reflects on the life of his father, Sargent Shriver

On WebTips find a site to ship your luggage

Corporate volunteers for honor Earth Day

How to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan and an interview with the Philippine Embassy Consul

Volunteers at McDill Air Force base reinforced the shoreline in an oyster restoration project

Episode 175

A group of volunteers from the Presbyterian Church working to restore homes in the Rockaways destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

A short documentary from Sabrina Kentis about a Hurricane Sandy relief kitchen in Brooklyn sandyreliefkitchen.com

A group of menonites from Canada repairing homes in Rockaway,NY destroyed by Hurricane Sandy mds.mennonite.net

Volunteers from rebuilding together and Crate and Barrel working in New Jersey video courtesy of North Jersey.com/video

On Webtips how volunteering is good for your heart nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus

A volunteer home in Bergen County New Jersey by Project 195 project195.org

The Clinton global initiative University bring students together for volunteer causes cgiu.org

Volunteers tagging mussels to create a wetland

Episode 174

It was just one year ago when Frankenstorm Sandy devastated the Eastern Seaboard as the largest Atlantic Ocean hurricane on record. The storm started its path of destruction on the island of Jamaica and created damage of almost 75 billion dollars as it roared northbound and affected residents as far north as Quebec, Canada. Hurricane Sandy dropped 3 feet of snow in West Virginia, while water flooded the New York City subway stations, shutting down its system for the first time in history.

TravelTelevision presents some of the great volunteer stories on the first anniversary.

Episode 173

The fall brings a new season of volunteer opportunities including the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance and the Make a Difference Day.

TravelTelevision features some volunteer stories in this month's episode. 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy of Service, Hurricane Sandy volunteers with Nechama in Staten Island, NY, United Way volunteering on Webtips and Make A Difference Day in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Episode 172

A United Methodist church mission rebuilds a park in Joplin, Missouri.

American Red Cross volunteers come together for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Rebuilding homes in Joplin with Central Ministry, the longest-serving volunteer group in New Orleans.

University of Missouri baseball team volunteers in Joplin. Restoring wetlands in the Gulf Coast with Common Ground, a group simultaneously working in Gulf Coast.

A Hurricane Sandy profile of Project 195.

Episode 171

TravelTelevision revisits some of our favorite stories of the sixth season: A story of volunteers in the horse world's top event, the Santa Anita.

Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel tells us how to eat at homes of volunteers for a real experience.

A profile of the Roberto Clemente Clinic in Nicaragua and the volunteers from Maryland that provide health care assistance.

TravelTelevision speaks with the Travel Channel star Samantha Brown about her volunteer travel experiences and a special clip from Katey Dailey: Give and Get Away tours in Thailand.

Episode 170

A volunteer dedicating her efforts to help educate school children in Montgomery County.

A grassroot effort in the Rockaways getting people back into their homes Respond/Rebuild.

Andrew Zimmern shares his thoughts about volunteer travel.

Rebuilding New Orleans with green technology Project I95.

A visit with Nechama, a group gutting homes in Staten Island.

Episode 169

A retired firefighter working with the American Red Cross delivers meals to Hurricane Sandy victims in Breezy Point.

The University of Missouri baseball team reflects on the rebuilding of Joplin, Missouri.

An interview with Mark Murphy at the New York Times travel show.

The Points of Light celebration a the Kennedy Center.

Get the 411 on mobility traveling.

An interview with the president of the Society of American Travel Writers, Lillian Africana.

Mark Murphy travels through Vietnam.

Ground Zero in Staten Island with Occupy Sandy.

A volunteer family who lost their house to Hurricane Irene are the beneficiary of a new home through Operation Blessing.

Episode 168

The profile of a volunteer coordinating recovery for Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.

Volunteers at the Santa Anita Breeders' Cup Race.

Sandy Spring break ideas on webtips.

How to get the best meal while volunteering according to Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern.

Teaching English in Thailand.

A new episode with Katy Dailey Helping rebuild a park shelter in Joplin, Missouri. Travel Television visits with a group of retirees who have made several trips to volunteer their skills and service.

The Red Cross volunteers serving in New York's Hurricane Sandy relief.

Episode 167

The community center of St. Bernard's parish in New Orleans has provided continuous weekly assistance to residents displaced by the huricanes for seven years. Hear how volunteers can assist.

Learn how people are helping with the Hurricane Sandy cleanup in New Jersey through a video by Brian Russell.

Mark Murphy travels to Halong Bay in Vietnam, and then we moves to Thailand to learn about Give and Get Away Vacations.

A profile of the Mpambara Cox Foundation work in Uganda and a close of a brand new American citizen helping on the frontlines of Hurricane Sandy in Brooklyn.

All this on episode 167 TravelTelevision.

Episode 166

A group of firefighters from New Orleans Pay it Forward when they travel to New York and New Jersey to help those rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy.

Mark Murphy travels to Vietnam and Cambodia with new stores that start this month.

An interview with groundbreaking author and voluntourist, Ken Budd, executive editor of the AARP magazine.

The Kansas City Chiefs come of the field to volunteer in Joplin, Missouri, and volunteers regrowing the Lousiana Coastline with Common Ground.

A profile of project I 95, a nonprofit group.

Episode 165

This January the United States celebrates the inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama for his second term. As part of the inaugural theme the President and former President Bush will be addressing the day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Junior's legacy.

Travel Television presents an overview of the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service in remembrance from the perspective of the operation AmeriCorps workers who have been helping victims of hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey. This month we have a story of their efforts.

Learn about the growth of the international corporate volunteer movement and meet some of the volunteers were participated in international project.

Travel Television continues its visit to Joplin, Missouri and highlights the work of the Kansas City Royals in this episode.

Finally Mark Murphy presents a segment on chocolate making in Belgium.

Episode 164

Fairfield Beach volunteers clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s day of service on January 20 are featured.

University of Missouri student athletes roll up their sleeves and clean up in Joplin.

A profile of the longest-serving volunteer in New Orleans.

Use iPhone apps perfect for the traveling volunteer.

Mark Murphy visits Antwerp Belgium. A group of volunteers work throughout the year in Santa's workshop.

Episode 163

Volunteers rebuilding in Joplin, Missouri.

Turkey lock in with United Method Church Thanksgiving volunteers.

Leave no trace on adventure travel.

Webtips on an airfare service that donates to nonprofits.

A day in the life of a Breeder's Cup volunteer.

Episode 162

TravelTelevision Season 6 starts with an interview with Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel,

a profile of volunteers working at the Roberto Clemente Clinic in Nicaguaga.

It also features rebuilding Joplin, Missouri with the United Way.

a visit to a Belgian Brewery,

a website to dedicated to help animals in Latin America, and

volunteering in the U.K.

Episode 161

Travel Television just completed its anniversary special which is comprised of the best of our segments.

These include volunteers working in New Orleans,

a teacher rebuilding in Mississippi after the ravages of Hurricane Katrina,

the 9/11 day of service features volunters repairing a veteran's hospital with First Lady Michelle Obama,

and volunteers on an alternative vacation in the Gulf Coast.

Our featured volunteer is one very determined woman woman who organized the entire city of Branson, Missouri as it pays homage to Purple Heart Veterans.

Episode 160

TravelTelevision highlights volunteers at an animal sanctuary for elderly pets "House With a Heart" and

profiles the original Make a Difference Day celebrating it's 25th year.

We also share experiences at the National conference on service volunteering in New Orleans.

Episode 159

This month TravelTelevision revisits the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps by sharing celebrations and various stories from the volunteers.

We also announce the winner of the Peace Corps video contest.

Episode 158

TravelTelevision reflects about the many wonderful non profit groups we have worked with, and who have told us their stories, thereby encouraging additional volunteerism while informing our audience.

Episode 157

TravelTelevision 157 stories include an interview with Pauline Frommer,

the annual Points of Light conference in New Orleans.

On webtips we highlight Give Kids the World and,

several stories that look back at first season volunteer stories from Hurricane Katrina.

Episode 156

Volunteers working with Petfinder work to restore an animal shelter destroyed by storms.

This is United Way's project to provide books for students during summer break.

Responsible travel site reviewed on Webtips.

A profile of the nonprofit org proworld.

Our volunteers worked at the US Open Golf tournament.

Mike Murphy continues his tour of Belgium and,

volunteers come to Branson, Missouri to help honor Purple Heart veterans.

Episode 155

TravelTelevision 155 profiles Global Citizen Year founder Abby Falik,

families volunteering on their vacation by the United Methodist Church,

volunteers at the senior dog sanctuary House with a Heart,

an interview with Peace Corps alumni pres. Kevin Quigley,

a blogspot on volunteering, and

a visit to Ghent, Belgium with Mark Murphy of Travel Trends.

Episode 154

Volunteering for the American Hiking Society in the National Parks.

Make a Difference Day originated 25 years ago in Montgomery County, Maryland.

TravelTelevision has a volunteer-produced story on this event’s celebration.

During the 50th Anniversary Peace Corps celebration activities here in Washington,

alumni volunteered at the Food Bank and Martha's Table.

Another 25th anniversary is being commemorated by a Hospital in Haiti.

We check them out in the Webtips.

Mark Murphy of Traveltribe concludes his visit to Israel.

We focus on Halumbu, a nonprofit volunteer organization working in the Himalayas.

The third place winner in the Peace Corps contest is also featured.

In this episode 154 of TravelTelevision.

Episode 153

Peace Corps alumni celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps tell TravelTelevision how the Corps changed their lives.

An interview with oceans videograpgher and author Jon Bowermaster.

Mark Murphy tours the Judean Desert.

Webtips highlights the International Programs Association.

The history of United Methodist volunteers.

A profile of All Hands.org

All on episode 153.

Episode 152

Peace Corps alumni at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival tell where and why they served.

An interview with Mike Walter producer of "Breaking News, Breaking Down", a film on how journalists coped during Hurricane Katrina.

We visit a website for anyone wanting to take a volunteer trip.

A non profit working with those living in the garbage dumps of Latin America and,

a report by the National Peace Corps Association and Civic Enterprises surveying the Peace Corps alumni.

Episode 151

A TravelTelevision affiliate CTN Ann Arbor Michigan produced a story on the University of Michigan 50th Anniversary of the forming of the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps is focused during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Planting trees in New Orleans for Beacon of Hope.

Mike Murphy visits Jerusalem

A former Peace Corps volunteer revisits Afghanistan in a documentary.

TravelTelevision presents the winner of the My piece of the Peace Corps video contest.

Episode 150

Happy 50th anniversary celebrations for the Peace Corps,

A profile of Globe Aware,

students in Ghana from NYIT and,

a film about New Orleans.

Episode 149

The 9/11 Day of Remembrance and Service.

Tourism Cares in San Francisco,

Volunteers at the Points of Light Conference.

Episode 148

On the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina TravelTelevision presents a collection of stories of volunteers working to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

Episode 147

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps in 2011 parallels a resurgence in international volunteering.

The Building Bridges Coalition and the Service World movement are efforts designed to promote international volunteerism.

This month, TravelTelevision features the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps Celebration with related stories of nonprofits involved in international volunteerism.

Episode 146

This month stories include helping an orphanage in the Dominican Republic,

rebuilding Angel Island in San Francisco,

rebuilding New Orleans ninth ward, and

a NYIT group volunteering in Ghana.

Episode 145

In this episode TravelTelevision.org presents several groups working in Haiti,

answers the question of should we volunteer in Japan,

visits with the chief of Service for Peace, and

author Sheryl Kayne who has opportunities for volunteer travel this summer.

Episode 144

Stories in this episode of TravelTelevision:

helping purple heart veterans in branson missouri,

a dentist settng up dental schools in Afghanistan,

the service world movement, and

the Points of Light conference for volunteering in NYC.

Episode 143

The 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps is celebrated

The fourth Part of Our Interview with author Sheryl Kayne on volunteering in National Parks

Clearing City Park in New Orleans

A tribute to Robert Shriver, Jr.

Episode 142

A magazine series about travel and volunteerism.

In this month's episode the founding of the Peace Corps at the University of Michigan,

rebuilding in New Orleans with Rebuilding Together,

volunteering in Australia on WebTips, and

an interview with author Sheryl Kayne.

Episode 141

TravelTelevision is a magazine series about volunteerism.

In this episode we have stories on the 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance with First Lady Michele Obama,

Volunteers in New Orleans at City Park, Hands On, and Community Center of Saint Bernard(CCSTB).

An interview with author Sheryl Kayne,

a preview of a new documentary on international volunteers and the international volunteer organization CFHI.

Episode 140

Interviews with authors Sheryl Kayne (www.immersiontraveler.com) and Patricia Schultz.

TravelTelevision profiles a volunteer who has spent 5 years supporting residents of Waveland, MS.

On webtips we highlight the Appalachian Trails volunteer site.

Episode 139

City Park New Orleans volunteer with Relief Spark

Adult Mitzvah Corps in New Orleans

Interview with the director of Trouble the Water

Travelscope is profiled

Episode 138

On this episode of TravelTelevision webtip for National Disability Month,

volunteers at the National Park Service Day,

volunteers in the Gulf Coast working with rebuilding together,

Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association (NENA) and Lutheran Disaster Response.

Episode 137

Volunteers in the Ninth Ward

Camp Hope in New Orleans

website foliage network

Travel with Mark Murphy to Taipei

Episode 136

A magazine series about travel and volunteerism.

This episode is a compilation of the best stories from our third season.

An interview with Darley Newman from Equitrekking,

Volunteers at Dogtown.

Episode 135

The best stories of volunteers are revisited in this episode of TravelTelevision.org.

Segments include volunteers working in New Orleans, Bay St. Louis and volunteers working in DC on the National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Episode 134

This month an interview with the host of Equitrekking,

the volunteers from New England working for 8 days of Hope Partners of America.

Webtips highlights travel for disabled.

websites aon disability travelling and go differently

Episode 133

On this episode of TravelTelevision.org:

We visit a group of volunteers working on 9/11 for DC Cares.

Traveltelelevision interviews Beth Whitman,

Habitat of Humanity Volunteers, and

a website for traveling with your pets.

Episode 132

A magazine series about travel and volunteerism.

In this episode we feature volunteers to Dogtown,

a pro golfer working with the St. Bernard's Project to rebuild New Orleans,

and we feature two websites on travel.

Episode 131

An interview with volunteers from Dogtown.

Volunteers rebuilding New Orleans.

Webtips and Servas

Episode 130

A magazine series about travel,volunteer vacations and voluntourism.

Interview with Steve Vetter of Partners of America

Volunteers in New Orleans

Webtips, My Travel Rights, and Solo Travel

Episode 129

Building Bridges Coalition interview with Steve Rosenthal

Miracle in New Orleans Documentary

Episode 128

In this episode of TravelTelevision:

We learn how to minimize the risk of catching the flu while traveling.

On Webtips we'll visit a website for travelers with disabilities.

Celebrating Christmas in post Katrina, New Orleans helped by volunteers.

Episode 127

Episode 126

Habitat for Humanity Building a community center for the St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans.

Episode 125

A couple from Arizona volunteering in New Orleans tell their story.
A documentary by Estee Blancher.
Students rebuilding a Baptist church roof.
Documentary: Katrina: The Untold Story.
Volunteering in Bay St. Louis Mississippi.

Episode 124

Documentary on New Orleans.
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi: the eye of the Katrina disaster
A profile of Camp Hope.
A home demo project day.

Episode 123

TravelTelevision presents stories on Common Ground,

Nebraska Huskers working on cleaning up Waveland, MS. from hurricane Katrina,

a video from NOLA volunteers and a teacher working with Habitat.

Episode 122

A profile of NENA organization.
Mark Murphy visits the Tuscan Coast of Italy.
Every citizen can be a diplomat through the Center for Citizen Diplomacy.
On Webtips we explore wwoof.org.
Save Our Cypress documentary.
Menupages.com on Webtips.
A profile on the healthygulf.org

Episode 121

Building a community center.
A student video on New Orleans rebuilding.
Webtips highlight a travel website for individuals with disabilities.
Carbon footprints are discussed.
A documentary by nolavolunteer.com.
Epiculinary and travel? The answers on Webtips.
Mark Murphy visits Portofino, Italy.

Episode 120

An interview with Costa Christ.
A documentary on New Orleans by Estee Blancher.
Mark Murphy visits Rome.
On Webtips we focus on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sites for travelers.

Episode 119

A college professor spends her summer volunteer in Mississippi.
On Webtips , flying with disabilities. Mark Murphy visits the oasis in Palm Springs.
Harbor of Hope volunteers from St. Patrick's Church in Chicago.
Students from Long Island volunteer in New Orleans.

Episode 118

View the second part of our interview with author Mary Beth Bond.

How buses move volunteers: TravelTelevision interviews the executive director of the American Buses Association.

Webtips: In this edition we feature ecotourism.

Episode 117

In the author section we will speak to a travel expert whose area of interest is women’s travel issues.

A Catholic school in Illinois reaches out to a Baptist congregation in the Gulf Coast on this episode of TravelTelevision.

In our travel segment we visit Rome, the capital of Italy.

Episode 116

We’ll visit the new Library of Congress visitor center,

visit to ground zero of the hurricane, and

an interview with grassroots organizer, Kathleen Johnson.

On Webtips we’ll investigate an airport parking website.

Episode 115

See volunteers working on the Musician’s Village,

a documentary explains how the Amateur Radio Organization helped hurricane victims.

Ever wonder what would happen if you became ill or were hurt while traveling and you needed a medical evacuation?

Episode 114

A documentary explains how the amateur radio organization helped hurricane victims.

Ever wonder what would happen if you became ill or were hurt while traveling and you needed a medical evacuation?

A documentary explains how the amateur radio organization helped hurricane victims.

an interview with Iray Navatoff, Community Center of St Bernard

webtip ritagolden.com

Episode 113

This program is dedicated to the volunteers who give so freely of their time to help rebuild, and to the volunteers who make this show possible. In that spirit, we want to remind you of the best stories that have come out of the darkest and bleakest of times.

Episode 112

This was the storm that was never supposed to happen. Yet on August 29, 2005, the rain and category 4 winds combined forces to flood most of New Orleans and leave a path of destruction into Mississippi destroying entire communities along the Gulf Coast.

Episode 111

For the third anniversary, TravelTelevision presents a special program with volunteers we have met during our trips to the Gulf Coast.

Episode 110

A tale of an Elder Volunteer for Katrina Relief.

The history of the African Safari coming up on TravelTelevision.

On Webtips, a UK government site that’s worth a second look.

Episode 109

Habitat builds a community for musicians in New Orleans,

Sleeping under the stars, and

TravelTelevision will check out some new hi-tech campers.

Episode 108

United Way brings local community help to the Gulf Coast.

Travel recommendations on bed and breakfast locations around the globe.

The Habitat Musicians Village Building Project draws local volunteers to the Gulf Coast.

We’ll get the 411 on 311 and which liquids you’re permitted to carry on the plane.

Episode 107

Common Ground helps residents and use the volunteer effort of a lawyer to help.

A segment from Modern Agent on industry efforts through Tourism Cares.

On Webtips learn about the site created by Natalie Holloway’s mom about traveling safely.

Episode 106

Just 50 yards from the levee breach in the Lower Ninth Ward is where Common Ground volunteers come to help those who have lost everything.

We’ll visit with the volunteer coordinator for a look into these efforts.

TravelTelevision shows viewers the insight track on rating services for restaurants and hotels. We sit down with Tim Zagat, founder of Zagat surveys.

TravelTelevision visits a railroad in Wales that once carried slaves to be sold all over the world. The railroad also carries slate from the largest slate mine in the world and Travel Television tours the underground mine.

Episode 105

Travel Television met with Arthur Frommer, the father of the modern day travel publication, to reflect on his 50 years of writing travel guides. Mr. Frommer reveals his favorite place to travel.

Travel to the orbiting space station with Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures, in this episode of Travel Television.

Volunteering for the rebuilding effort in the Gulf Coast is part of a family vacation. We’ll talk to two of those volunteers in this episode of TravelTelevision.

Episode 104

Travel Television brings you the 411 on 311 or what you can bring through the airport security checkpoint in an interview with the TSA.

A real estate agent who lost everything in the hurricane looks forward to her new house being built by Habitat for Humanity.

We sit down with Stephen Bollenbach, CEO of Hilton Hotels. Mr. Bollenbach is a financial wizard whose resume includes the management the Trump Hotels out of bankruptcy and the merger of Disney and the ABC TV networks. Here he reflects on changes in the travel industry.

Episode 103

What are the latest rules for entering the United States? TravelTelevision talks with Customs and Border Patrol.

Many homeowners found that the helping hands of strangers started the process of rebuilding.

We’ll visit with a church group who has come to help in New Orleans.

TravelTelevision has a face-to-face with Peter Greenberg, chief travel editor for NBC News. Greenberg is also known as the travel detective because of his insightful and lighthearted travel stories. Peter predicts the trends of travel.

Episode 102

This episode marks the Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Episode 101

TravelTelevision met with Arthur Frommer, the father of the modern day travel publication, to reflect on his 50 years of writing travel guides. Mr. Frommer reveals his favorite place to travel.

Volunteers in the post-Katrina effort find their experiences life changing. We’ll speak with one volunteer who has extended his visit to the Gulf Coast to continue helping others.

Follow the lead of a church group and come to the Gulf Coast to help people rebuild their lives.

We’ll hear the stories of one group who has come to volunteer.